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"Gary knows his stuff on ktms he fixed my 2012 and it soaked up everything in its way the guy is great so give him a call he knows his suspension. " Clay Davis 

B. Slane
Hey, it's Brandon Slane just wanted to say that Gary's Suspension is honestly the best thing I have ever riden with. It surpasses FC's AKit Suspesnion by far. Adjusting was super easy, 1 or 2 clicks made such a major difference. I would recommend him to all rider levels whether you race pro or beginner he will give you the same satisfaction at a reasonable price. Thanks Gary for all of your help so far I am looking forward to working with you in the future.
Brandon Slane

Justin Starling End Of Season!
Hey everybody! it's the end of the outdoor season, And I gotta say my suspension was outstanding. I think we made 1 or 2 clicker adjustments the entire season. I am unbelievably happy with Gary and his work. I will be with Gary and GPS till the I stop riding a dirtbike. I highly recommend GPS for any suspension needs! Thank you Gary for a great year and great suspension! Cant wait for the future!

Jeff Alessi
gps suspension is what I hold as my standard, I always know I can throw it on the bike and expect it to work the correct way. the way it feels coming into rough corners is perfect, I love that feeling of knowing im about to go so fast threw a turn without even having to try and that's because the bike sets perfect. whether its an older bike or a new bike it will always have that safe in the front end fast easy to scrub feel and that's what lowers lap times, confidence!!!
Pro MX-SX rider

Hey Everyone, Justin Starling here! I have been using GPS suspension all year and I can honestly say it is by far the best suspension I have ever used. The amount of confidence I have going into every corner is unbelievable. I truly believe GPS suspension is better than any factory suspension you see on the track. I highly recommend everyone to use GPS suspension on their bikes. You will not be disappointed. I will use GPS suspension till the day I stop riding a dirt bike Thanks Gary for all of the support and help you have given me with testing and making my suspension the best on the track! Justin Starling #712
Justin Starling

Good stuff
We have tryed several suspension companys and spoke with many, none of which as knowledgable as Gary. Not even close.After using his stuff its clear he knows what hes talking about!When the bike felt great, he continued to test until it was better then we could amagine.Motocross is too expensive and dangerous to be wasting your money or risking your safety with suspension that doesnt work.Thats why we choose GPS!
Jazzmyn Canfield

Lil Man
I have had so many different companies do my suspension on everything from 65s to my 250f I ride now. Not many times does it work right because my size and weight dont match my speed. Im currently 5'3" 118lbs and currently race the "B" class. Most people dont ride a big bike at my size so most companies dont know what to do to the suspension. But Gary got it right the very first time. Within two rides I have raced Daytona AM/SX and got 10th in 250B and 6th in 450B on a 250F and at the Loretta Lynn Qualifier this past weekend I won the 250B stock class. Even on a rough track Im still able to run fast and consistent lap times. Thank you Gary for getting me back up front!
Austin Collins

Navigating your bike on the right track!
I've been working with Gary here at GPS Suspension for close to a month now and honestly could not ask for a better performing bike. Not only does he sit down and listen to what you have to say he also observes and makes vital changes that can shave seconds off your lap times. Honestly I can no longer have my suspension done by anyone else besides Gary. If you are looking for someone who is willing to work for you and get your bike dialed this is your guy!
Jason Frank

ktm kid
Gary knows his stuff on ktms he fixed my 2012 and it soaked up every thing in its way the guy is great so give him a call he knows his suspension.
Clay Davis

Awesome services!!
Ive worked with Gary and GPS suspension for a couple years now, and ive not once had a single complaint. The services and the bikes that ive had done have been above and beyond what i asked for! Bottom line is, if you wanna go fast you need GPS stickers on your bike! If you dont believe me just look at the riders he works with! Thanks again for all the help Gary!
Ryan Quinn

Alessi racing manager
I have worked with GPS Suspension for several years. I have worked with many suspension company's and I can say this about GPS they get it right 80% of the time on the first try, their specs are so close that the suspension can be tuned in a few minutes. At the level of racing we ride this is important and a safety factor. Both Mike and Jeff trust GPS
Tony Alessi